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Integrated Annual Report 2020
As of 2020, our sustainability and financial performance has started to be shared with the public as an integrated report, with the aim of ensuring that our stakeholders reach the value we create from a single source. Thank you for joining us on this journey. Scroll down to take a holistic view of our operations along our value chain.
Message From CEO
Burak Başarır
Coca-Cola İçecek, CEO
Dear Stakeholders,
I am proud to share with you the 2020 CCI Integrated Annual Report, our first integrated report, in which we present the successful performance we achieved in such a challenging year for the entire world due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the value we created for our stakeholders, and our strategies for the future. With this report, we aim to present CCI’s social, environmental, economic, and governance performance, assessments, targets, and strategies within an integrated approach, and within the framework of the principles of transparency and accountability.
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Material Sustainability Topics 2020

Consumer Health

The TCCC’s internal auditors carried out the inspections for annual KORE evaluations online.
We successfully passed the inspections, which focused mainly on measures taken against Covid-19 and Food Safety.
We carried out cap promotions in Pakistan, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Tajikistan.
The MerakEttim
(I wondered) platform was visited by 492.000 users.
All the plants in Turkey received the TSE Covid-19 Safe Production certificate.
We continued the Coke and Food Campaigns in Pakistan, Jordan and Turkmenistan
We collaborated with e-trade platforms in Turkey, Iraq, Kyrgyzstan and Turkmenistan.
We launched our new flavors: Fanta Citrus in Tajikistan, Cappy Pulpy Rose in Azerbaijan, and Piko Profi in Kazakhstan
CCI Jordan launched the Coca-Cola Zero Calories Brand.
Consumer Health

Customer Value

4,008 of our 43,534 registered spot consumption customers had placed orders over the system.
By the end of 2020, 25,994 of our 110,348 customers registered with the system on the conventional channel had actively placed orders over the CCI Next Sales Channel.
We supported over 2,000 businesses in Kyrgyzstan.
Through the Coca-Cola
Foundation Fund, we
brought free products
amounting to USD 80,000
to 4,000 sales points in Jordan to revive small businesses within the scope of spot consumption, which had experienced operational difficulties due to Covid-19.
After a two-year interruption following the difficulties it suffered, CCI Turkmenistan resumed operations,
and succeeded in regaining its market share and customer appreciation.
421 distributors and 538 sales representatives successfully completed Online Distributor and Sales Representative Training.
We increased the number of online/ digital promotions and advertisements for our customers; we reallocated our resources specifically for the “home channel”;
we expedited deliveries and ensured uninterrupted RTM optimization.
Through the “Dry Outlets Activation” project conducted in Kyrgyzstan, we reached new points where our products had not been sold
before, achieving a sales increase of an additional 25,000 UC.
The project was awarded the “best practice” prize by the TCCC global customer and commercial portal.
We were awarded prizes in the innovative and global Baykuş (Owl) categories
with the “Understanding
the Journey of Online Shopping” project in Turkey, and the “Understanding the Grocery Store Price” project in Pakistan.
We supported the sale of no less than 110,000 menus with the #EVDEKAL (stay at home)
campaign during the online PES 2020 World Cup tournament.
Customer Value

Human Rights

We provided our employees with 58,722 hours of
Occupational Health and Safety training and 1,082 hours of human rights training.
We conducted supplier inspections into compliance with the Supplier Guiding Principles (SGP).
We achieved a
success rate of 90% in SGP inspections in all countries of operation.
We became a member of the “Buyers Supporting VIVE” program,
which was founded for the purpose
of encouraging sustainable agriculture with the support of sugar buyers.
We pledged to increase the women in managerial and senior management positions by 5% by 2025 by signing the LEAD Network CEO Pledge;
and by doing so we are among the leading companies in the fast moving consumer goods industry.
We participated in the EMBARK initiative, which is a “reverse mentorship” program supported by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).
As leaders of the business world, we come together with talented Syrian, Turkish and immigrant youths within the scope of EMBARK.
We carried out the U30+ Building the Leaders of Tomorrow program
for 34 young leaders fromTurkey.
CCI Turkey published a Domestic Violence Policy and
took part in the UN’s
16-day national activism campaign aimed at
ending violence against women.
We provided Supplier Guiding Principles Training to 119 persons from among Human Resources and Supply Chain country managers.
Human Rights

Human Capital

We spread the use of the CCI potential recognition tool (Talent Segmentation Tool) across the countries of operation.
This way, the number of Leaders of the Future rose from 107 to 150.
15 of our senior executives participated in the Manager Coaching program and started receiving coaching.
39 of our executives from among “Accelerate 2.0” and “Leader Women” participants, who volunteered to become internal coaches, became part of the Internal Coaching program. They started to provide internal coaching to participants of the U30+ Building Tomorrow’s Leaders program.
With our CCI NEXT TALENT Young Talent Program, we ranked 1st among FMCG Companies, and 8th among all programs in the Top 100 Talent Program 2020 poll.
We repeated our CCI NEXT TALENT Manager Raising Program online with a new application, and we hired 21 young talents part-time with the program to which we invited 50 young finalists.
We carried out two Talent Development Forums and reviewed our talent pools. With success that exceeded our target for 2020,
we increased our Talent Readiness Index (TRI) Point from 53% to 62%.
We launched the Accelerate, Reflect & Renew program with the aim of refreshing acquired knowledge and adapting information and messages to the Covid-19 period and its aftermath.
50 leaders from all CCI countries, who had previously participated in the “Accelerate” program, completed the program.
Human Capital

Community Development

Coca-Cola Turkey and Mavi Jeans joined forces for a “World Without Waste”:
Coca-Cola PET bottles collected under the Kollekt Application were converted into Mavi Jeans t-shirts within the scope of the “Coca-Cola x Mavi Collection”.
We produced 13.4 tons of sanitizers
at the CCI plant and donated them to the Ministries of Health of Turkey and Kyrgyzstan.
We supported over
125,000 youths in over 140 schools in 17 provinces under the 3, 2, 1, Go! program.
In Kazakhstan, our awareness-raising efforts within the scope of the 3, 2, 1, Go! Program reached
800 colleges and 127
Over 2,000 students attended the workshops and 100 applications were received. Grants were provided to the three participants who won.
The Coca-Cola Foundation (TCCF) donated around USD 3.1 Billion to social support programs in CCI’s area of operations.
Coca-Cola Turkey allocated funds amounting to a total of TL 13 million to meet needs in various areas of our country in the fight against Covid-19.
We reached out to 2,050 female participants
with the Belestery Program in Kazakhstan and provided grants to 20 winning participants.
We saved 1.81 billion liters of water
in Konya and 2.25 billion liters in Harran within the scope of the Hayata Artı Environment Program.
Community Development

Environmental Footprint

We reached recycling rates of up to 99% at our production plants.
To minimize our carbon dioxide emissions,
we replaced forklifts operating on LPG with those operating on electrical power, thereby reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 68%.
In nine countries, 54.3% of our chilled drinks equipment are equipped with energy management devices (EMD),
40.8% do not contain HFC, and 42.2% use LED lighting.
We provided employees with 4,566 hours of environmental training.
We saved 340,000 liters of fuel thanks to the Intercity Transport Planning Digitalization Project,
ensuring an increase in truck efficiency and route optimization within the scope of our digitalization projects.
We saved 411.4 tons of resin and
534 tons of glass by using lightweight and short-neck bottles in nine countries.
We saved 330.5 million MJ of energy and
45,500 tons of CO2e thanks to the Operational Perfection projects.
Environmental Footprint