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Sustainable Growth

At CCI, we successfully export the manner of doing business we created and developed in Turkey to other countries. We make use of our strengths in the most efficient manner possible within the geography in which we operate and aim at growing through purchases in addition to organic growth. Following potential countries and operations where we can create value closely, we use opportunities that will support growth. We manage this process in the most active and efficient manner in order to actualize all the potential benefits offered by investment and contribute to the healthy growth of CCI.

During this process, we make it a priority to create long-lasting value for all of our stakeholders. To this end, we assess financial risks carefully, and implement effective marketing, pricing and promotion programs by continuing our operations aimed at increasing revenue. While managing working capital effectively, we do not compromise on financial discipline. This way, we aim at increasing our stock price and the amount of dividends to be paid out to our shareholders.
In addition to creating value for our investors, we continue to further improve our reputation in many fields, particularly the environment, energy efficiency, occupational health and safety, and corporate management, thanks to our sustainability principles and strategy. CCI was included in the BIST Sustainability Index for the sixth time in December 2020 thanks to our successful practices in this field. The number of our shares has been 25,437,078,200 during the period starting from 12 May 2006, when we first went public, to 31 December 2020. (The par value of 100 shares is TL 1.) 27.8% of CCI’s capital is publicly traded, and our stocks are traded on the Istanbul Stock Exchange (BIST) under the symbol CCOLA.TI.
CCI’s stocks are included in the BIST 100, the BIST Corporate Governance Index, and the BIST Sustainability Index. During the period from when we went public to 31 December 2020, our stock value increased 882% on a TL basis, and 85% on USD basis. During the same period, our stocks outperformed the BIST 100 Index by 179%. Also, our stock price increased 74% annually in 2020. At CCI, our goal is to create value by establishing a relationship based on trust with our existing and potential investors through comprehensive, regular and accurate information sharing. CCI is currently being monitored by 20 stock analysts.
At CCI, we attach importance to a two-way communication with our investors and shareholders, and focus on the accountability and transparency of our operations. We have adopted a policy of effective, timely and fair communication about our operations, and any changes that may affect them. In 2020, the Investor Relations Department;
Attended 23 investor conferences and roadshows (three took place physically, while the others were conducted by teleconferencing due to the pandemic).
Met with 458 analysts and investors at 188 meetings.
Shared our financial results through teleconferences we held four times during the year.
In 2020, we organized the roadshow, the first of which was held in London, Stockholm and Copenhagen in 2019, for investors focusing on the environment, society and governance (ESG), in the form of a video- conference due to the pandemic.
We answered verbal and written information requests from existing and potential investors and analysts within the framework of the CCI Information Policy.
We completed preparations for the General Assembly meeting in cooperation with the Legal Affairs Department.
We submitted regular reports on Investor Relations activities and share performance to the Corporate Governance Committee and the Board of Directors. We summarized frequently asked questions (FAQs) of investors, their demands, and the topics to which they attach importance.
Keeping track of changes in capital market legislation, we carried out the necessary notifications within the Company.
We continue furthering our successful practices relating to compliance with corporate governance principles, which have become increasingly important with the changing regulations of the Capital Market Board (CMB). Our corporate governance rating score was confirmed as 9.46 out of 10.00 in 2020. (SAHA Kurumsal Yönetim ve Kredi Derecelendirme Hizmetleri A.Ş. Thursday, 2 July 2020). Independent audit services for our Company in 2020 were performed by DRT Bağımsız Denetim ve Serbest Muhasebeci Mali Müşavirlik A.Ş. (a member of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited).

Credit Rating

On 3 July 2020, Fitch Ratings raised Coca-Cola İçecek’s (CCI) Long-Term Foreign- Currency Default Rating and Senior Unsecured Rating by two points, revising it upward from ‘BB’ to ‘BBB-’. The outlook for our credit rating is ‘stable’. When confirming the Long-Term Foreign-Exchange Default Rating as ‘BBB-’, Fitch also upgraded the outlook from ‘Negative’ to ‘Stable’.

This change occurred when Fitch started to use, as CCI’s country ceiling rating criteria, the country ceiling rating of Kazakhstan (‘BBB+’), from which the group obtained the cash to adequately meet foreign-currency interest expenses. The upgrading of the outlook for the Long-Term Foreign-Exchange Default Rating to ‘Stable’ is based on Fitch’s expectation that the impact of the challenges to the market and quarantine measures on demand in CCI’s main markets would be limited during the 2020-2021 period.

In its report, Fitch indicated that the shrinkage caused by Covid-19 would remain moderate with the support of CCI’s strong brand portfolio and its stability in the sparkling beverages category.
Fitch also referred to CCI’s strong cash-generating capacity, manageable foreign currency risk, prudent capital structure, and operational and strategic relations with The Coca-Cola Company as favorable factors. While stating that CCI’s ratings were moderately impacted by volatile and challenging conditions in the markets in which it operates, Fitch also pointed out CCI's strong performance under these challenging conditions.

In its resolution, in which it decreased Turkey’s credit rating from B1 to B2 and indicated the credit outlook as ‘Negative’, Moody’s decreased our Company’s long-term credit rating from B1 to B2 and confirmed its outlook as ‘Negative’ in its report of 17 September 2020, after it decreased Turkey’s foreign currency securities ceiling to the B2 level. In its report in which it pointed to our Company’s strong credit indicators and robust financial structure, Moody’s emphasized that our Company’s credit note had been decreased due to the reduction in Turkey’s credit rating, and was limited by Turkey’s foreign currency securities ceiling.
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