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Human Capital

We work as a single and inclusive team that is diverse and committed to its work in our belief that the value we create for all our stakeholders starts with creating value for our employees. We listen to our employees’ expectations and contribute to their development with the talent development and performance management programs.
At CCI, one of our fundamental values is to respect human rights. We believe that our success, which has been built on our company values, our standards of operational excellence, and our commitment to compliance with the law, regulations and human rights, stems from the contributions made by each of our employees. We are determined to provide a place of work in which universal human rights are respected, and which is open, diverse and participatory. We value each of our employees and strive to create a work environment that is equal in all respects. We aim to inspire our employees so that they can realize their professional goals and achieve their full potential.
Since December 2018, when we published our first Human Rights Policy, we have integrated workplace rights and human rights into all applications across our value chain, our corporate values, and our sustainability strategy as a continuation of our existingCCI Workplace Rights Policy. This policy, which represents a fundamental building block of our vision, is transmitted consistently and without interruption along our entire procurement chain. The CCI Human Rights Policy is based on international human rights standards as prescribed by the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, the International Labor Organization's Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, and the United Nations Global Compact.

Talent Management

Goals and Successes
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We create value with our talented human capital that is passionately committed to its work,
and we grow together. We ensure that all of our employees are included in the talent and performance management processes, and see talent management as a single process from talent acquisition to leadership development. The ‘one team’ culture that has become the standard across CCI offers a work environment in which all our employees are given opportunities for self-improvement.
Communicating the CCI Talent Management Principles to our employees via our company’s intranet platform, we support our employees and managers, by which we ensure the standardization of the process throughout CCI. Committed to CCI’s values, our employees assume various functional roles and/or responsibilities within the geographies in which we operate. They demonstrate IMPACT leadership behavior in order to maintain business results and future growth.
I - Impact & Influence
- Motivate & Inspire
- Partner with Customer
- Appreciate Others
- Contionusly Raise the Bar
- Think About Tomorrow
CCI Talent Management Strategy
We create a talented workforce in order to ensure a high-performance ‘one team’ culture. In achieving our goal of creating value and ensuring sustainable business results, we continue implementing a series of consistent standards, systems and processes to attract, develop, include and retain talents who practice CCI values and demonstrate IMPACT leadership behavior within the geographies in which we operate. All employees are determined to develop the components of the CCI culture, are willing to assume various functional roles and/or responsibilities in the different geographies in which we operate, and to continue developing their present and future talents necessary for maintaining business results and future growth.
Talent Segmentation Tool
In 2020, we continued using the ‘Talent Segmentation Tool’ (TST) as a standard mechanism and assessment process for identifying talent across CCI in order to maintain a transparent, objective and fair identification process. The tool continued helping us identify ‘talent’ objectively according to factors relating to potential. TST supported us in identifying Future Leaders at CCI, and we will verify Future Leaders by offering a global, data-based and scientific potential identification tool.
One People Technology Platform
In 2020, we continued using the ‘One People Technology Platform’. The One People Platform (OPP) provides end-to-end information, is a centralized solution to careers at CCI, and is supported by mobile and interactive applications. This platform helps CCI employees to monitor their performance targets, Individual Development Plans (IDPs), and talent profiles. Our employees are able to create their own personal career pages, including their educational backgrounds, internal and external work experience, critical assignments / projects, main successes, career targets, language skills, and mobility preferences, over the platform.
Talent Development Forum
Among the strongest processes and routines of our Talent Management System at CCI are the Talent Development Forum (TDF) meetings that continued in 2020. We organized two forums, one in April and another in October, and accordingly surveyed our talent pools, backup personnel strength and requirements to fill critical positions with the right individuals. In 2020, we continued using the Talent Readiness Index (TRI), which is an index used for indicating the company talent pool and use ratio and monitoring the readiness of candidates for senior positions across CCI. In 2020, we reached an index level of 62% with a 9-point increase; we aim at reaching the level of 70%, with a minimum target of 65%, for critical positions at CCI in 2022.
Individual Development Plans
In 2020, we continued to observe all our critical position-holders’, successors’ and future leaders’ Individual Development Plans (IDPs) in line with their short- and long-term career targets, future talent development needs, and competence development requirements. In 2020, we measured our employees’ development processes using the IMPACT Leadership Behavior Model and the 360-Degree Feedback Evaluation Survey that was restructured by using the Upward Feedback Survey. The aim was to encourage a feedback culture by allowing direct feedback to managers through a user-friendly and practical tool. Both surveys were used in 2020 with the start of the Performance Management System cycle. The CCI Performance Management Process continues to facilitate both business targets and human targets in harmony with CCI’s vision, and ensures that our organization, teams and individuals yield successful results with a continued commitment to developing their skills, talents and competencies.
2020 was a year during which we focused on Culture Elements in addition to our Values and Leadership Behavior IMPACT. In 2021, we will continue our activities targeting Culture Elements, which were launched in 2019, picking up speed in 2020. This year, all of our employees will take on a responsibility to contribute to the One Team Culture consisting of
eight culture elements, and will focus on the CCI Culture through actions they will take towards meeting their annual targets under their managers’ leadership.
Plans for 2021
In 2021, we will continue to benefit from data-based decisions through scientific tools, systems and assessments, and to develop our TDF Meetings and process. We will continue our commitment to developing best-in-class talents in order to ensure backup planning resource use and a strong backup personnel force. Using tools and processes such as the ‘Upward Feedback Survey’ and the ‘360-Degree Evaluation Survey’, we will further encourage a feedback culture at CCI. We will develop our Performance Management System by activating accurate target settings, performance evaluations, and calibration processes. We will continue focusing on the successful implementation and governance of CCI Career Roadmaps and the Career Steering Project in order to ensure talent development across CCI through various experiences.
Talent Acquisition
We started the CCI ‘Recruitment Project’ for the purpose of improving our talent acquisition process and carrying out our commitment to ‘accurate selection and recruitment decisions’ through data-based and scientific tools. Our objective is to standardize CCI’s recruitment process, offer innovative and digital recruitment solutions, raise awareness within our talent teams, and utilize HR capabilities and knowledge to deploy the necessary systems and capabilities. In line with this goal, we held workshops and integrated different HR teams across CCI into the project team. Global trends were reviewed in these workshops. Their main focus was to make use of technology in 104 all processes and automatize the end-to-end talent acquisition process across CCI. In 2021, we aim to rearrange and harmonize all our recruitment systems and processes, integrating the 3C (Capability/Capacity/Character) Competence Model into our recruitment processes.
While continuing to focus on recruitment in line with our ‘Fit-for-the- Purpose’ and ‘Fit-for-the-Future’ concepts, we have also rendered
our recruitment principles that observe diversity in keeping with CCI’s Woman’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs) and sustainability targets more comprehensive and systematic. In 2020, we continued to implement the CCI Employee Value Proposition (EVP) and Employee Branding as standard practices in all of our regions. While broadening our access to young talents by continuing to use LinkedIn and Facebook career pages and Instagram, we also further strengthened our presence and impact on social media.
We successfully attended recruitment and career days at distinguished universities in CCI countries and continued our internship programs, both of which were carried out online this year.
The new Manager Raising CCI NEXT TALENT Program, which we started in 2019 for last-year bachelor-degree students studying at the best universities, was successful as expected, and we offered employment to nine young talents out of the 14 we had recruited part-time under the program, as a contribution to various functions of our company. With our CCI NEXT TALENT Young Talent Program, we ranked first among FMCG Companies, and eighth among all programs in the Top 100 Talent Program 2020 poll. In 2020, we repeated our prize CCI NEXT TALENT Manager Raising Program, which aims to induct future talents into CCI, with the attendance of function managers and through a dramatized selection approach, this time online with a new application, and we hired 21 young talents part-time with the program to which we invited 50 young finalists. Employment offers will be extended to these colleagues in June.

As in 2019, in 2020, too, we included our vision, objective and fundamental values in the selection process in order to encourage candidates who would create value when joining CCI and promote harmony.
Learning and Leadership Development
At CCI, we aim to strengthen leadership skills to ensure business continuity and future growth. To this end, we developed training and tools to develop our employees’ competencies. We give our employees access to learning and leadership-development platforms where they can take charge of their own skill developments. In 2020, we once again found the opportunity to prove that we are ready for the learning world of the future through our digital learning initiatives. Inline with Employee Strategic Priorities, our focus in the field of education
and development has been to win together with our employees under all circumstances.
Therefore, we continued to develop learning opportunities for all of our employees during the Covid-19 pandemic as well. In this framework, it was important to create the platforms where our employees would continue to acquire the skills they need on their own initiative, and by which they can stay ahead of the curve. This year, we also continued to implement our leadership development programs, which have always been among our priorities, and to which we attach great importance.
Adapting to the circumstances of the world that has changed and transformed along with the pandemic, we continued the training we offered for our employees’ development over online platforms. Through the learning opportunities we offered, we continued to learn not only from external sources, but also from each other.
In addition to Covid-19 awareness training, we researched relevant content on various online platforms such as IMD, HBR, YouTube and Bookboon, and shared them with our employees. We made use of content from world-famous business schools and online learningctools, especially on the topics of leadership, positive psychology, communication, emotional and physical health, personal energy and efficiency, distance working, and working while caring for children. We also organized an online seminar for our employees, attended by select speakers, managers and trainers. Ten webinars were attended by 963 people in Turkey alone, and the satisfaction score was measured at 95%.
Again, during this period we created opportunities for our employees to try out the new platforms. We offered digital platforms LinkedIn Learning and Udemy for use by our employees.
We converted part of the in-class training, which was discontinued during the Covid-19 pandemic, into virtual classroom training. We organized virtual classroom training led by both internal and external trainers in the countries in which we operate.
We offered our employees three-month free online training support for the purpose of developing their Business English competence, which is a key priority for us, as well as taking action in the fields of English- speaking clubs and online training solutions
Through different tools and resources, we continued the development of the participants of the ‘U30+ Building Tomorrow’s Leaders Program’, the group of young talents we describe as ‘future leaders’, chosen via
a special selection process from all CCI countries. The program we designed in partnership with the IMD business school became a special program attended by senior managers during all training hours. This way, steps were taken to further the careers of employees showing potential for advancement and facilitate the progress of the organization.
Again, we continued ‘Accelerate’, a special program attended by senior managers in all CCI countries, through online seminars.
In addition to these, during this period we encouraged our employees through competitions to benefit from e-training presented under the titles Our IMPACT Leadership Behavior, Virtual Work and Efficiency, from specialist videos, and from TED speeches offered on the CCI U’NI LMS platform that we use in Turkey.
Pakistan resumed its ‘Sales Personnel College, Sales Development Academy and Regional Sales Manager Academy’ programs, which aim at developing the skills of its sales organizations, and which focus on adding value to our customers and company.
We activated our CCI e-library project available to all of our employees, which we started as a pilot in 2019. In this scope, we cooperated with a world- famous company offering audio-books, e-books and online content in the field of personal development and the business world. We also signed a deal with LinkedIn Learning for 1,025 employees, and increased our employees’ skills thanks to content specific to our company, which may be used any time and at any place, through training planned with a focus on development. The number of our employees activating the platform reached 80%, and our employees had the opportunity to prepare for the present and future of their personal and career development thanks to this opportunity. Meanwhile, we cooperated with Harvard for senior managers, and 59 employees identified under the backup plan as candidate managers of the future started to actively use the HMM & HMM Spark online tools.
CCI e-library is a platform that was established to render learning more accessible and develop and restructure CCI’s manpower based on the idea that the means of learning may be different for, and specific to, each individual. The CCI e-library pilot application, started in cooperation with an online audio- and e-book publisher in 2019, continues to function. The platform has been visited by 2,142 people since it was established. While the number of contents on the platform is over 2,000, the number of contents downloaded to date has been identified as 18,173. In 2020 alone, 12,558 e-books and audio-books were downloaded from the platform, and 79% of the employees who benefited recommended that the program continue.
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Our Communication with Employees and Employee Engagement

Goals and Successes
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Since our employees represent the fundamental basis of our vision, employee loyalty is a basic area of focus for effectively managing our human capital and creating value. We continuously implement systems and programs that support our employees, develop their skills, knowledge and competencies, and raise their working and living standards. At CCI, we resolutely advance towards our target of making CCI an ‘Excellent Place to Work’. In 2020, we continued our effective communication with employees over online channels. In all of our actions we aimed at improving employee experience during and after the pandemic.
Our CEO came together with our employees in all of the CCI countries through routine live broadcasts, sharing information on the current status of the Covid-19 pandemic in all of our geographies, developments in our company, and the measures taken / to be taken, as well as answering employees’ questions. In all countries, our Country General Managers also held live broadcasts. Our leadership team also continued to regularly inform our employees and communicate the message #güçlükal (‘stay strong’) through video messages and live broadcasts.
During this period, we provided regular information via email on decisions regarding measures taken by Crisis Management teams. We updated addresses and contact information of all employees to be able to quickly reach them in case of Covid-19-related emergencies. On the CCI website Press Room page, we shared information on business continuity during the Covid-19 pandemic, and actions taken on behalf of employees and the community. On our Company intranet, we shared over 30 warning visuals containing information on measures to prevent Covid-19, which were prepared in English and the local languages of the countries.
We created the TeamO bot over our internal communication platform for the purpose of informing employees and helping them overcome feelings of solitude caused by the shift to remote working from home through entertaining games. While sharing information on precautions against Covid-19 and warning against misinformation regarding the disease through interactive games, music playlists compiled from the 10 countries in which CCI operates and suggestions on physical activities for overcoming ergonomic problems arising from lengthy desk work were among the suggestions TeamO offered to users.
We formed the SAKOM (Field Coordination Center) team in order to strengthen communication channels during the pandemic. CCI employees recorded and saved video messages to extend their support and gratitude to the CCI employees who have worked outdoors during the process to ensure continuity of operations at plants and storehouses, and to meet customer demands. We activated the digital appreciation application Recognize in order to express our appreciation of each other during the period in which we worked remotely.
During the pandemic, we conducted Climate Surveys in April and September in each CCI country for the purpose of understanding employees’ thoughts and feelings and measuring individual and organizational feedback. We formed a team that evaluated survey results and identified the relevant action roadmap and prepared action plans based on survey results and focus group studies.
The CCI Audit team conducted a detailed audit to evaluate the actions and measures taken
by our company during the pandemic. Within
the scope of the audit, in addition to holding interviews with employees and crisis teams and implementing decisions that were made, a survey addressing all employees was published to obtain employees’ opinions.
We started the ‘AVİTA Employee and Family Support Program’ for all group employees of the Anadolu Group.
We performed communication work for employees expected to return to the office within the context of a gradual return as of 27 May 2020. Within this scope, we prepared a ‘Back to the Office’ document for employees expected to return to the office, which contained details on all of the preparations within the scope of the return to the office, as well as on the office rules reviewed in accordance with the measures. We shared this with all office employees first via live broadcast made by our Group Human Resources Director, and then via mail and online platforms. In addition to the presentation, we shot a video on a day at the office under the new order and shared it along with the document. We organized online collective events on the first day in order to motivate our teammates returning to the office. We published a survey for the same individuals so they could evaluate their first day back at the office. In this survey, we asked employees an open-ended question on how they felt about returning to the office, the adaptation process, what they thought about the measures the company had taken at the office against Covid-19, and their wishes / suggestions, if any.
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Total Reward
We support our vision of becoming the best company of the fast-moving consumer goods sector in all countries in which we operate, with competitive compensation and side benefits that reward high performance. At CCI, we ensure that our employees are rewarded for their performance and the value they create, maintain high standards through various plans that embrace all of our employees regardless of gender, race, language, etc., and that support both their short- and long-term success. When determining our employees’ skill levels, we focus on the tasks they perform and their fields of responsibility in line with our values of equality and justice.
Always with an eye to economic conditions, we maintain the balance and competitiveness of our employees’ position on the market, as well as their remuneration packages. While arranging wage raises in parallel to company strategies, and in harmony with job descriptions and target management processes, we also consider internal relations among different positions and market conditions. Similarly, when considering the social needs of our employees, we offer a large variety of side benefits, such as private health insurance, life insurance, employer-contributed private pension plans, and service rewards with a view to raising their working and living standards.
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Human Rights