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Consumer Health

Prioritizing high product quality and safety standards, we offer a broad portfolio of beverages to suit our customers’ preferences.
Maintaining customer and consumer satisfaction and offering them products and services that exceed their expectations are among our company’s priority targets
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Product Safety and Quality

Goals and Successes
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At CCI, we carry out bottling operations at 26 plants in 10 countries. The sustainability of our work depends to a great extent on the perfection of our operations. While offering consumers a broad range of products suitable for all lifestyles and circumstances, we do not compromise on product safety or quality.

Product safety and hygiene have become far more important since the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic. During the pandemic, we have further strengthened our hygienic practices at our plants and distribution centers to ensure the health of our consumers. Although our employees have no physical contact with our products, we have increased the frequency of cleaning and disinfection for our plants, forklifts, means of employee transportation, distribution fleet, and company vehicles. All of our plants in Turkey have been awarded the TSE Covid-19 Safe Production Certificate.
KORE Inspections
The Coca-Cola System (TCCS operating requirements), also known as KORE, represents our main reference for food safety and quality management, the environment, and health and safety performance at our plants. Annual KORE audits and assessments are carried out at each plant by TCCC’s internal auditors to ensure our compliance with all requirements, the attainment of relevant certifications, and engagement with approved excellence programs.
Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, all TCCC and business unit inspections were conducted virtually. Virtual inspections focused on measures taken against Covid-19 and Food Safety. Inspections were completed successfully.

Most external inspections conducted at our plants to verify our compliance with required standards were postponed until the end of the year due to the Covid-19 pandemic. However, prior to March 2020, Turkey Operations obtained the ISO 14064 Greenhouse Gas Standards, and during the Covid-19 pandemic, plants in Turkey obtained the Covid-19 Safe Production Certificate.
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An up-to-date list of the standards we observe and the completed verifications is provided below.

Rich Product Portfolio

Goals and Successes
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Changing conditions have caused significant changes in consumer behavior. Shoppers have begun to prioritize health measures and online payment, turning to less frequent shopping and shopping in bulk, and opting for more affordable prices and closer stores. In order to meet our consumers’ ever-changing preferences and offer them better service, we continue to offer consumer-oriented portfolio options with diversified brands, and to work towards maximizing consumer satisfaction.
Our goal is to offer affordable, accessible and innovative products for all lifestyles and needs. We achieve our goals through a strategy based on lean production and transformation into digital enterprises. The key driver of this new strategy is our agile operations, including processes, tools and training that allows us to quickly respond to customer needs and market changes. Our current RGB (returnable glass bottle) series includes RGB 200 and RGB 300 SKUs in sparkling beverage brands (Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Light, Coca- Cola No Sugar, Fanta and Sprite).
This year, it is Damla Minera’s turn for renewal!
We have increased brand strength by adapting our Damla Relaunch to the changing circumstances
The perception of health and immunity was strengthened with the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic. Thanks to its healthy content, the mineral water category has grown at a faster rate among non-alcoholic beverages during this period. Mineral water has come to the fore as a beverage category, increasing the rate of entering homes more than any other category; mineral water now enters seven out of 10 homes. We have begun to offer nature’s refreshing energy to the consumer through Minera’s renewed identity. Emphasizing the fun, colorful, active and dynamic aspect of nature through our renewed bottles and novel flavors, we have undertaken the mission of providing energy and refreshment through the power of fruit. We will further strengthen our portfolio in 2021 through our new flavors.
In 2020, the face of our Damla Relaunch, in which
we emphasized the values of purity and naturalness typified by Damla, was Nil Karaibrahimgil. We continued to articulate our message, “For those who seek a natural taste, the answer is at its source,” throughout the year via multiple channels. We paused our brand communication in the 2nd and 3rd quarters due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Despite this, we achieved our targeted increases in all the metrics within Brand Power and authored a successful relaunch process by rising to second place in the meaning score.
We broadened our portfolio by presenting multiple Damla packages to our consumers
We are increasing our strength in the e-commerce channel, which has grown through our Banabi collaboration
We responded to the need for increased stocks during the Covid-19 pandemic, while seizing the opportunity in the multiple package market that grew in the modern channel. Accordingly, we launched our Damla 12x500 ml Open&Drink Package; we also launched our 6x1L Migros special package across Turkey as the Advantage Six-Pack. With our 12x500 ml package, we took part in CarrefourSA and Migros basket activities and family discounts, achieving successful sales and turnover results.
We took steps to raise our profile and visibility in the e-commerce channel, which has grown rapidly during the Covid-19 pandemic. We consider our Banabi collaboration, which started in 2019, as a platform on which to create campaign concepts aimed at transforming insights into action. We ranked 2nd among the year’s best-selling products on Banabi with our Damla 19 L carboy.
Our Digital Promotions Began on All Channels in 2020!
Our Digital Promotions Began on All Channels in 2020! We started 2020 fast, with consumer promotions in the form of 1 L No-sugar under 2.5 L packages, and internet gifts under 330 ml cans in the conventional channel in January. Beyond March, in order to avoid cap-collecting operations due to the pandemic, we canceled the Ramadan and RB200 cap promotions we had planned.
With an increase in the digital platforms, which
have become increasingly important in our lives, we launched our MoreMore platform in June, and through “This Coca-Cola Is on Us”, our first promotion on this platform, we gifted Coca-Cola 200 ml cans to 1 million consumers who participated in the promotion.
In July, we started our first digital promotion, in which our MoreMore and CCINext platforms collaborated,
and under which we presented No-sugar 1 L under Sparkling Pet 2.5 L caps. While increasing the number of MoreMore users to 1.6 million during a 6-month process, we raised the number of our customers involved in the recycling of caps over CCINext from 15,000 to 50,000. The number of consumers participating in the promotion over MoreMore reached 744,000, bringing the total number of participations up to 23 million.
To achieve our goals in the iced tea category, we offered our promotion in which we gifted Fusetea 1 L under Fusetea 1.5 L caps to our consumers in August. In our promotion that continued until late January 2021, we reached around 60,000 consumers through 370,000 participations.

In October, we launched our promotion in which we gifted Sprite 1 L under Fanta 1 L caps to support the flavored sparkling beverages category. Participation in this promotion, which will continue until February 2021, reached 26,000 consumers and 310,000 promotions.
During 2020, we continued our promotion in which we gifted internet under 330 ml sparkling cans. During the second half, we added Fusetea 330 ml packages to this promotion, broadening the range of options offered to our consumers. With participation reaching 2.6 million in our no-empty promotion offering 250 mb or 1 GB of internet as gifts, we succeeded in reaching 540,000 consumers.
The first MoreMore promotion in the modern channel started in November. We offer gift options, such as Yemeksepeti discounts, with “Home Fun Promo”, monthly Blu TV membership, monthly Deezer Premium membership, and game chests so that our consumers are able to make the most of their pleasant moments at home. While over 2,100 participations had taken place by the end of 2020, Istanbul was the province with the highest rate of participation.
A new era began for consumers with the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic. As Coca-Cola, we became part of this period that ushered in new points of view, habits and tastes by reflecting customer needs in this new normal. We launched the ‘Open Yourself to Life’ activations that will strengthen the place Coca-Cola occupies in hearts and minds and inspire consumers to celebrate the new normal by supporting consumers and customers in this process of transformation.We made the most of this activity through different New Year events and consumer promotions aimed at all of our customers on the modern channel. We organized raffles at Migros and gave away scarves, caps and neckerchiefs at Carrefour and gave cups to local customers. We established a presence in the most valuable areas in order to make our campaigns more conspicuous at the stores of our domestic customers.
We aimed to increase our multi-package sales with New Year stands that we produced for the event. We reinforced our goal of being present in every trolley through our New Year boxes. We once again demonstrated that we are the brand that makes the joy of the New Year felt the most with a giant Coca-Cola bottle that we located in Carrefour. Over Yemeksepeti, we supported takeaway with a “Free Internet” campaign that lasted from May until the end of July on the on-premise consumption channel, which was impacted the most by the pandemic, and this campaign resulted in 6,000 participations. With the reopening of on-premise consumption points in June, we aimed to create traffic towards these points by conducting the “First Coca-Cola on Us with Your Meal” campaign at local chains and individual points, and the “Second Menu Free with More” campaign at domestic chains under the #AçKendiniHayata communication umbrella and through sponsored ad campaigns over social media. We reached over 600,000 consumers with a campaign that took place between 11-19 July and 9-15 November at local chains, and 300,000 consumers were reached in the field through the activities carried out between June and November, while 15,000 participations in the campaign took place at domestic chains.

At the end of the year, we launched our promotion aimed at selected menus on Yemeksepeti, which, taking place between 18 and 31 December, resulted
in over 5,000 participations. Within the scope of the 2nd phase of the campaign we launched at domestic chains, we carried out the MoreMore promotion between 1 and 31 December, where we offered selected customers 50-percent discounts for the best-selling menus, with 15,000 consumers benefitting.
There were discount markets in another channel where we first started the MoreMore promotion. During the last quarter, we offered our consumers the alternative of promotional products with our Coca-Cola and Coca- Cola No-Sugar 330 ml cans with free internet gifts, which we placed at BIM stores. We closed the year with excitement at A101 by introducing the poster with our Coke Energy promotion at the end of December. We offered our consumers the chance to win ‘League of Legends’ game codes with the promotional first production of the 4-packs of our Coke Energy brand. Reaching 10,000 consumers by the end of the year, we achieved a participation number of 17,000.
In Front of the TV Set with Coca-Cola
After the ‘Meal with Coca-Cola’ event, we started an all-year marketing program in order to seize the opportunity offered by the consumption of food and beverages while watching TV, which is among the major consumption activities. Targeting those consuming visual content both on TV and on online channels, this program was strengthened through collaborations with various series and platforms.
Open Yourself to Life with Coca-Cola
This campaign supporting our discovery and awareness of the new values that emerged, along with the changes the Covid-19 pandemic has caused in our lives, is based on the manifesto written by the award-
winning artist George The Poet especially for Coca- Cola. This impressive manifesto written on change and appreciating what we have encourages us to “be open to change”, look at everything from a new point of view, and explore fresh opportunities in this “new normal”.
The “Open Yourself to Life” campaign, which started in July, and which appeared on many channels, is based on the belief that we do not have to return to normal. It emphasizes the idea that we can be open to change rather than return to normal, and how we can make our lives better by looking at the values we already possess from a new perspective. The campaign also involves supporting the sector in these difficult times, especially through promotional support aimed at the food and beverages sector consisting of cafes and restaurants, which have once again started to welcome customers.
“The Chilly Truth” with Sprite
Sprite’s new campaign, “The Chilly Truth” started to be broadcast in the last quarter of 2020. The objective of the campaign was to tell “Chilly Truths” and establish a deeper contact with Generation Z.
Sprite took part in young people’s thoughts, encouraging them to be themselves. The campaign was launched with three different TV versions, three different digital versions, and different integrations. In one of the campaign versions, through Sprite, Doğuş Balbay encourages Generation Z to be brave, not
to give up, and to make their own decisions. In other versions, Sprite touched upon other subjects that are particularly important to Generation Z. These subjects were music, gaming, becoming a YouTuber, and living and expressing themselves as they wish.
Zero Sugar, Zero Calories, and Ultra Innovation from Monster!
With the matchless taste it takes from citrus fruits, Monster Ultra entered the Turkish market in February. Winning the new consumers category by offering a different choice of flavor, Monster Ultra was admired by male and female consumers between the ages of 18 and 34 who care about fashion and style, and are careful about their calorie intake.
Monster’s First Cap Promotion Met Gamers!
Our first cap promotion with Monster, one of the most popular beverage brands in the international Gaming sector, the main sponsor of eight teams and 20 publishers across the globe, and of three major publishers in Turkey, began in October. Under the Monster Green tabs, we offered the 2XP codes for the HALO Game, which was highly anticipated, as well as special Monster equipment that can be used in the game.
The Innovation that Came from the Heart of the Field: Cappy Sour Apple
With its brand-new product, Cappy Sour Apple, the Cappy brand met the consumer during the last quarter of the year. Cappy Sour Apple was a product demanded by the field team in previous years, the appearance of which on the shelves had been highly anticipated. For this reason, as an innovation that came right from the heart of the field, it claimed its place on the shelves with its tasty sour apple flavor.
The Fusetea Ad Campaign that Became a Hit with Young People
This campaign started broadcasting in 2020 with 10 versions in the form of a mini-series starring Fusetea and Mustafa Sandal! Mustafa Sandal, in his pursuit of rejuvenation, meets Fusetea, which is a favorite among young people. The opening advertisement film in the series won the Bronze Crystal Apple award.
Coca-Cola and Meals
After a three-year hiatus, CCI Pakistan once again launched Coca-Cola as the best choice of beverage with meals. Thematic access points were activated, and renewed vehicle sets and “Combo” menus at on-premise sales channels were created in order to strengthen Coca-Cola’s association with meals.
Sprite’s Compatibility with Spicy Food was Emphasized
Through a regionally focused approach, Sprite’s compatibility with Pakistan’s traditionally spicy food was emphasized in order to take advantage of the opportunities arising from the consumption of snacks, the home consumption of which increased dramatically as consumers had to stay at home during the Covid-19 pandemic, and to accelerate the brand's leading role in Pakistan's lemon-lime flavored beverages market. The promotion of Sprite, with its green packaging that has a special meaning for Pakistan, was given additional weight in August within the scope of “Pakistani Independence Day”, the country’s principle national holiday. This promotional campaign allowed Sprite to stay in people's minds through the use of images.
Coca-Cola and Müzik
To increase brand appreciation, despite the difficult times, Coke Studio 2020, which was founded on a passion for music, was launched in December with 12 new songs by 13 artists in order to discover and share the unique music of Pakistan and the subcontinent; our rate of interaction reached 12% with over 50 million accesses. (The sector average for the rate of interaction is 6%)
Being the Best Services Company:
Since the new normal means a shift of customer choices towards online channels, CCI Pakistan quickly turned to route-to-market (RTM) solutions. CCI Next started as an important step to establish e-trade as one of our main channels serving changing customer behavior. The hot sale and D2C (direct-to-customer) models were also applied. The Nationwide Every Outlet Survey (EOS) was completed in 2020.

(Leadership score in September 2020 according to the Moving Annual Total (MAT): 50.3%)

FIRST LEADERSHIP IN AFFORDABLE PACKAGES (250 ml RGB (returnable glass bottle) and 1 L PET)

WINNER OF THE GCCL AWARD (GLOBAL CUSTOMER AND COMMERCIAL LEADERSHIP AWARD - Ensuring Growth Through Customer Transformation and Transactions

WINNER OF THE 2020 BAYKUŞ (OWL) AWARD- (GLOBAL OWL CATEGORY - Pakistan Grocery Store Cooperation: Feeling the Pulse of the Grocery Store Owner to Supply Better Services and Earn More)
Cap Promotion (Open and Win)
Northern Iraq the first “Under the Cap” (UTC) Cola and Meal campaign was launched in January for Coke, Fanta and Sprite in the home consumption packages. This campaign offered consumers the opportunity
to win kitchen appliances, such as ovens, mixers and meat grinders, as well as thousands of free 750 ml PET bottles of Coca-Cola. The campaign was supported by TV, outdoor and store advertisements, as well as digital media advertisements.
Food Delivery Applications Partnership
While the demand for online food distribution applications increased during the lockdown, we used this as an opportunity to promote and sell our products and began working with these applications. We have also continued to adapt to technological developments.
Plans for 2020 were developed with the Coca-Cola and Food platform
The first wave of the Coke & Food campaign was launched in February, the second in July, and the third in November. Within the scope of the campaign, together with printed label messaging, the chance to instantly win 1 liter was offered to consumers buying a 2 liter bottle within the context of home consumption packages in all products.
CCI Jordan Launched the Coca-Cola Zero Calories Brand
Developing new products offers a tool with which to target new markets, increase market share, sell more, and raise income flows. Through the Coca-Cola Zero Calories launch, we aim to strengthen the image of the Coca-Cola brand and offer consumers a broader range in the no-sugar segment. We target the conventional channel, the modern channel, and the on-premise consumption channel through the Coca-Cola Zero Calories brand.
Ensuring business continuity and high levels of service, and establishing sustainable trust in all key accounts
CCI Jordan, in addition to increasing its availability in the market in all sales channels, managed to raise its annual total sales volume by 15%, both through deals it made with the national chain supermarkets of greatest potential, and by adding the local restaurant chains with the largest number of customers to its portfolio.
FIFA 2021 promotion campaign
In late October, CCI Jordan launched the FIFA 2021 promotion campaign for 330 ml cans. Under the campaign, consumers won various prizes by scanning the QR code, as well as having a chance to win free FIFA games
New Fanta Slider Bottle in Jordan
CCI Jordan put the new Fanta bottle on the market in December. Seizing opportunities in the flavored sparkling beverages category is the goal of the
new bottle design. The new design is used for all PET bottles, namely, the 500 ml, 1 L, 1.5 L and 2 L bottles. The launch was presented to consumers at specially designed booths at national and local chain supermarkets across the country.
The Coca-Cola No-Sugar 330 ml can lemon-lime launch contributed to the diversification of the no-sugar product portfolio.
Increasing the number of 330 ml cans placed on the market accelerated the market availability of all cans, ensuring an increase in sales of over 30%.
Customer Cap Promotion
The Spring Promotion, which also featured free
gifts and Coca-Cola neon glasses, was launched immediately after Covid-19 restrictions were imposed in February 2020. Through the inferences taken from the new normal, the cap promotion, aimed at summertime consumption, was put on the market through the digital sure-win mechanism. With the importance of the home environment increasing, prizes to be offered within the scope of the cap promotion included digital Yandex music portal subscriptions and cellular data gifts. As a result, over 1 million users took part in the promotion with 8 million code registrations. As the pandemic continued, opportunities at home became more important. With the success of the summertime promotion, two parallel digital sure-win cap promotions were launched for on-premise consumption and home-consumption packages in the context of the New Year, which is the year's largest celebration.
Fanta Citrus Was Relaunched with Its New Visual Identity
Fanta Citrus was relaunched with its new appearance, label and visual identity due to the great potential of the flavored segment, and the successful commercial history of the citrus flavor (maintaining the importance of orange's market share). This swiftly ensured a sales volume and value share increase for Fanta. It was decided to continue the three-aroma strategy in 2021. Within the framework of this strategy, Fanta Aport (apple) was launched in the 4th quarter. As consumers became more health-conscious following the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Fanta vitamin C communication was increased, and its value to consumers was emphasized on all media channels.
The Growth of Piko Pulpy, Transition to the Nitro Bottle, and the Piko Profi Launch
The restrictions caused a 6% drop in fruit juice shipments compared to the previous year; however,
in spite of operational challenges, Piko maintained its category leadership, and remains the biggest brand on the market with a value share of 16.2% for the period up to September 2020 (YTD).
The Pulpy Red Grape product containing Aloe Vera made a 70% contribution to the brand’s growth compared to last year. The transition to the nitro bottle and the new orange flavor in all formats increased the total profitability of the category. The launch of Piko Professional Compote in November aims at increasing the category's sales in the on- premise consumption channel, as well as ensuring a positive impact on the total profitability of the category.
FuseTea: The First Modern Sales Channel Campaign for Kazakhstan, the Transition to the Nitro Bottle, and the Fuse Tea Berry 1 L Launch
Ready-to-drink tea was focused on in the first modern sales channel campaign for Kazakhstan, which involved local celebrities. In spite of operational challenges, perfection in the field application, takeaway cups carrying brand logos, “brand days”, and sales promotion programs became key elements ensuring a 0.9% growth in sales volume in the 2020 fiscal year. Nitro bottles, which we launched in early 2020 in order to raise awareness of reducing plastic consumption, were adopted, and the campaigns were started. The launch of the FuseTea Berry 1 L SKU, which addressed market trends and increased sales and availability, made a 2.3% contribution to the value share in September 2020.
BonAqua’s Push to Increase Its Entry into Homes, and Pre-Season Loading
The water category has been growing for years, and
is expected to continue growing in the future, in terms of value and volume shares. In order to add value to its cooperation with Disney, new labels with Mulan images in three different designs were put on the market. Through this campaign, which was carried out jointly with the small supermarkets chain, consumers had the chance to win a Pandora bracelet by buying BonAqua. A strong, on-site stock-loading program was initiated for vendors before the season in order to increase the rate at which BonAqua was chosen by households. BonAqua and sparkling non-alcoholic beverages were packaged together and offered to key customers.
Growth in the Energy Market with New Flavor Categories
The energy market is growing with new flavor categories, such as mango, coconut and fruit flavors. 450 ml products constitute 58% of the total market, while 21% is accounted for by 330 ml products. In line with consumer choices and market conditions, Burn 250 ml was struck off the list and replaced with Predator 450 ml at an affordable price. Within the scope of our joint business plan, “the chance to win branded gifts by buying 2 cans of Monster” was carried out at Helious gas stations.
NAWRUZ Campaign
Coca-Cola was offered to consumers in the 2.5 L special family package in order to promote the Coca- Cola and Meals strategy. Phosphorous glasses were gifted to consumers in exchange for two silver caps from the beverages included in the promotion with
a view to including Coca-Cola in family meals. Lastly, national celebration messages were added on the labels.
Coca-Cola Energy
To get a share of the large energy drinks market, Coca-Cola Energy was put on the market in Baku and its environs in premium-priced 250 ml packages. The launch was principally supported by digital and customer activations.
Sprite New Aroma Launch
This year, Sprite was relaunched with a new formula in order to strengthen the Sprite brand. The campaign was supported by a local integrated marketing communication and strong system participation. This perspective included special promotions and activations in all channels, in addition to e-trade.
New Flavor: Cappy Pulpy Rose
At the beginning of the year, the Cappy portfolio was broadened with a new flavor, Cappy Pulpy Rose. The new launch was carried out in the form of 500 ml and 1 L packages, and was supported by strong customer communication.
The Fanta Twist and Fanta Pear Launch
The Fanta Twist bottle launch and the Fanta Pear new product launch were carried out in January 2020 to revive the Fanta brand.
E-Trade Channel Activation
While the e-trade channel had not been developed in Kyrgyzstan, the Covid-19 pandemic rendered e-trade a strategically favorable one for CCI Kyrgyzstan. The e-trade channel was entered into through agreements and collaborations with two local platforms: Namba Food and Kover Samolet. Both platforms published their special “Combo with Coke” main pages, and special promotions and activities for food distribution were carried out.
Activating Points that Currently Have No Beverages Sales, while Having Sales Potential (Dry Outlets Activation)
During the Covid-19 pandemic, CCI Kyrgyzstan developed collaborations at points that currently have no beverages sales, but which have sales potential, and succeeded in capturing sales opportunities especially at pharmacies. 320 pharmacies were activated, 350 cap chillers were placed, and an additional sales increase of 25,000 UC (142,000 L) was achieved at these points. Also, cooperation began with over 20 gyms.
Home Consumption Package Summer Cap Promotion
In order to increase home consumption package sales volumes during the critical Covid-19 pandemic, in 2020, Coca-Cola carried out a cap promotion during the July- October term. Due to Covid-19, we attempted to create a special mechanism that would be simple and clear for consumers, while not requiring payment centers to use the caps. The cap promotion included expensive gifts, such as two automobiles, 100 smartphones and 100 TV sets. A 6% increase was achieved in home consumption packages when this promotion attracted intense consumer interest.
Instant Consumption Cap Promotion with Mobile Operator Megacom
Instant consumption packages suffered the most harm during the pandemic. We organized a cap promotion under a win-win mechanism with Megacom, one of the country's most prominent Mobile Operators, in order to support the instant consumption channel. As gifts, Megacom supplied free megabytes, minutes, and many other giveaways.
CCI Tajikistan continues the “magic price” initiative.
Summertime Cap Promotion
In 2020, CCI Tajikistan carried out a Summertime Cap promotion that offered the chance to win sparkling and non-sparkling 1.5 L BonAqua in the July-September term in order to increase home consumption package sales volumes.
Ramadan Package with BonAqua
A BonAqua 1.5 L taping promotion was applied to two 1.75 L sparkling beverage products during Ramadan. This promotion was carried out for 170 customers
in eight provinces. A total of 30,888 1.5 L bottles of BonAqua were taped.
The New Fanta Flavor Launch - Citrus
In order to support the growth of Fanta, the Fanta Citrus aroma was offered for sale in 300 ml, 500 ml and 1L packages in May 2020. The new flavor successfully supported the growth of the brand, and the innovation in flavor was followed by one in the color of the bottle. This in turn increased the shelf visibility of the product.
The Fanta 1.75 L bottle was launched in February.
During the pandemic, CCI Tajikistan started to actively support e-trade. A close collaboration was carried out with, a large online supermarket, and food distribution platform With, we created combo menus with promotions. We carried out promotions, such as gifts of glasses in multiple packages, and 30% discounts in 1 L Sprite shopping with Magnet tj.
After the difficult times it experienced, Turkmenistan resumed operations following a two-year interruption. In spite of challenges and aggressive competition, CCI Turkmenistan is regaining its market share and customer appreciation. Coca-Cola is seen as a national beverage in Turkmenistan because consumers are enthusiastic about it. In spite of the fact that the plant resumed production during the pandemic, and a rather limited marketing budget, the CCI Turkmenistan team did a great job with effective in-store communication, adding e-markets to its portfolio, the promotion involving gifts of glasses with products, and a New Year’s event.
In-Store Applications
The Turkmenistan sales team returned to the market with magnificent applications after a two-year interruption in production. CCI Turkmenistan regained its top position at sales points, and retrieved, and even advanced, its market share.
CCI Turkmenistan products are now on sale on the Internet
CCI Turkmenistan broadened its sales channels and offered its product portfolio for the first time on Turkmenistan’s most popular online sales channels, and
Product Labeling and Responsible Marketing
We attach importance to transparency in our communication with consumers, transparently presenting our products’ nutritional values on our labels so that our consumers are able to make choices that fit their lifestyles and choices. We present information on nutrition contents such as the amount of energy (kilocalories, calorie, kilojoule), protein, carbohydrates, fats, total sugar content and sodium on our labels.
A point of importance in communication with our consumers is our responsible advertisement and marketing approach. Respecting the right of parents and caregivers to decide on what is best for their children, we do not carry out advertisement and marketing campaigns targeting children under 12. Also, in line with TCCC’s Global School Drink Regulations, we do not sell sparkling beverages at primary schools.
The TCCC Responsible Marketing Policy
Communication with Our Consumers
The “Customer and Consumer Communication Management” process, and the organization that manages this process, was designed in order to ensure sustainable and effective communication with our customers and consumers, which is continuously reviewed and improved through feedback from relevant shareholders.

We manage communication with our consumers within the scope of the process we have designed together with TCCC. In regard to consumer
76 complaints communicated to TCCC and CCI with respect to a product, consumers are visited, the product in question and the necessary information is obtained from those concerned, and the product about which feedback is provided is replaced and forwarded to the concerned consumer. Products subject to feedback are analyzed at CCI plants, and the necessary actions are taken with the concerned units. If requested, consumers are provided with feedback on the matter.

The management processes for consumer feedback and complaints have been explained in the “Management of Consumer Complaints” procedure..

We use the toll-free Coca-Cola Information Center, the Consumer Complaint System, and the website communication platform for communication with consumers, along with performing periodical surveys and organizing plant visits.

In parallel with our interaction with consumers and our transparent approach, we have created the Coca-Cola ‘Open to Curiosity’ platform in Turkey in order to answer consumers’ questions regarding our products, corporate identity, and marketing operations. Through this platform, we provide consumers
with clear, comprehensible, reliable and transparent information about our corporate identity and products. We use this platform as a channel for communicating with our consumers. In 2020, the platform was visited 561,877 times by 491,699 users, and 720,594 pages were viewed.
Factory Visit Request
Stakeholders who wish to see our production processes may submit plant visit requests and join our tours in order to obtain information on the production phases of Coca-Cola products.
Our plant tours have been paused due to the global Covid-19 pandemic, which has affected our country and the entire world.
Our Value Creation Model