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Future Outlook

Our Actions Against
The Covid-19 Pandemic

The global Covid-19 pandemic created an unprecedented emergency in 2020, impacting all communities, and changing and transforming the lives of many people to a great degree. Therefore, we, too, transformed our business models in order to adapt to this new world order brought about by the pandemic, which involves various challenges. While adapting to this transformation in the fastest possible manner, we also took all precautions necessary to support the protection of the health and safety of our employees, customers, consumers and community, and continue to take fresh precautions in parallel to new developments. At CCI, we have been monitoring the Covid-19 pandemic from the first day it hit the headlines, and actively follow all information, warnings and instructions issued by national and international authorities on this matter.

Our Employees are Our Priority

We believe that one must act responsibly in the face of the extraordinary circumstances caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. We keep our awareness at the highest level to protect the health and welfare of our employees, which have always been among our top priorities. We have made mental health, along with physical wellbeing, a priority in respect to the health and safety of our people. During the Covid-19 pandemic, we took various precautions for our employees in line with the planning we made by foreseeing risks before the emergence of cases in CCI’s geographical range of operations. We shared the first information on the Covid-19 pandemic on 29 January 2020 with our employees in all countries.
We put our plans into action on 30 January 2020, when Covid-19 was declared an “International Public Health Emergency”
by the World Health Organization (WHO). We continuously and regularly posted informative communications to our employees with respect to travel restrictions and the course the pandemic took in various countries. We started a remote working regime for any CCI employee whose work allowed
it, who was pregnant, or who had disabilities or chronic illnesses. We imposed a ban on visitors at all our offices and plants. We updated our OHS protocol by taking disinfection and social distancing practices into consideration.

For more information, please visit "Human Rights" section of our report
We used online channels correctly to continue increasing communication and supporting our employees’ professional and personal development. We continued our in-class training and special programs for professional development through online training and online seminars. In addition to Covid-19 awareness training, we researched relevant content on various online platforms such as IMD, HBR, YouTube and Bookboon, and shared them with our employees. We offered digital platforms such as LinkedIn Learning and Udemy to our employees for their use.
For more information, please visit "Human Rights" section of our report

We Continue to Serve Our Customers and Consumers

Together with our teams, we maintain our commitment to making extraordinary efforts to meet our customers’ and consumers’ demand for beverages.
We focused on quick solutions to show solidarity based on our understanding of winning together with our customers. We gathered the strategies we developed for our customers under four headings, namely communication, operational, financial and commercial. We continued our interaction with our customers through various channels, and continuously shared information. In our operational activities, we optimized our sales and distribution channels in keeping with the process. We also provided financial support through the measures we took to help our customers with payment terms, additional discounts and product return processes. Commercially, we turned to online/digital fields, and increased our promotions and advertisements specific to these channels. In addition to applying the measures we took for our customers, we provided our vendors with access to all communication, information and training internal to CCI.
For more information, please visit "Customer Value" section of our report
Due to the pandemic, we further strengthened our product safety and hygiene practices that had already been our priority. Although our employees have no physical contact with our products, we increased the cleaning and disinfection frequency for our plants, forklifts, employee transports, distribution fleet and company vehicles. All TCCC and business unit inspections were conducted virtually. These inspections, the focus of which were measures taken against Covid-19 and food safety, were successfully completed. Also, all plants in Turkey were awarded the TSE Covid-19 Safe Production certificate.
For more information, please visit "Consumer Well-Being" section of our report

We Carry Out Our Obligation Towards the Community

Aware of our responsibility towards the community in which we operate, we have brought many projects to life during the pandemic. We acted together with community institutions and the concerned public authorities during this process. The Coca-Cola Foundation (TCCF) donated around USD 3.1 Billion to social support programs in CCI’s area of operations. Also, we supported various campaigns in Turkey through donations in cash and in kind. Producing sanitizers at CCI plants, we donated them to government agencies. We reached those in need through various platforms and NGOs, providing them with food support and market shopping packages.
Our Aid Operations During the Covid-19 Pandemic
Our Integrated Governance Approach